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First Capital is a consulting company, which offers the set of professional consulting services securing the full cycle of an investment project implementation that is from search for a land plot and concept development to real estate object management services. The Company offers strategic consulting services not only on the global level, but also on the local one taking into account the specific character of a particular local market.

Company’s mission is to contribute to the growth of economic and social potential of the region and to enhance its investment image on capital markets by offering the public high-quality real estate projects that will determine the future of our cities and improve the quality of people’s life.

Strategic purposes are to position the Company as a leader on the consulting services market and also in real estate and investment sectors of Kharkov Region, to develop large-scale and unique projects and to attract foreign investors and system developers.

Main tasks the Company is dealing with daily are to coordinate and provide for a steady development of Clients’ business in the region, to maximize the effectiveness of their investments and to minimize the regional and economic risks for them.


  • High-level expertise
  • Efficiency
  • High quality
  • Partnership
  • Confidentiality

First Capital is a team of like-minded persons united by a corporate spirit. The Company’s staff is comprised of professionals and creative specialists having wide knowledge and experience in the field of development and implementation of various investment projects and up-to-date management technologies. Dynamic growth, comprehensive approach and striving for excellence demonstrated by each employee of the Company ensure that every task will be solved effectively and on a high-quality and timely basis.

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