• 20-С Kultury Str., 61058 Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Competitive StrengthCompetitive Strength

  • Extensive development experience  

Avantazh has extensive experience in developing real estate in Kharkiv and was one of the first to develop modern commercial and residential properties and to focus on premium-class buildings in Kharkiv. In the past, the Group has commissioned and sold fourteen residential complexes in total, including six residential complexes since 1998 with a total gross building area of more than 150,000 square meters, as well as the approximately 18,500 square metres in three retail shopping centres (Visit, Prisma and Megaprisma) downtown Kharkiv. 

  • Balanced real estate portfolio  

Avantazh’s current portfolio of properties is diversified across production cycle (completed properties, properties under construction and properties under development), property types (commercial, residential and mixed-use properties), classes of properties (high-end, business and economy) and cash-flow types (both to-be income yielding properties and projects intended for sale at capital gain).  

  • Steady cash flows 

Residential properties comprise a large share of the total number of the Group’s properties. Sales of apartments in these residential properties are carefully planned and more or less evenly distributed throughout the project development stages, thereby providing a steady cash flow to finance SG&A and some operational expenses.

  • Well-recognised brand name  

For the past ten years, the Group has received notable recognition as a top real estate developer in Kharkiv. This strong name recognition and reputation enables Avantazh to attract buyers to residential properties and anchor tenants to commercial properties. Properties completed by the Group of Companies have contributed to establishing Avantazh’s reputation for quality and reliability and enhancing its position in the Ukrainian property market.

  • Access to attractive investment opportunities 

Since its establishment in 1998, Avantazh has maintained excellent working relationships with municipal officials in Kharkiv. The Group’s strong reputation with local authorities may provide an advantage over less established developers when tendering for land. Avantazh’s expertise, experience and reputation on the regional real estate market help attracting offers from private entities that hold rights to develop land plots but do not have the resources and experience to develop those properties on their own.

  • Reliable business partners 

Avantazh retains third party specialists in its property acquisitions and developments, including architects, real estate consultants, construction managers and construction companies. 


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