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Ammonia[ edit ] Can someone change the Ammonia section? It states that Ammonia is caused diaper chat the combination of fecal matter and urine, when it is just the urine that is resposible. This may cause some to belive that a diaper that has only been urinated in will not produce Ammonia.

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and meet other members with similar fetishes easily using the ABDL chat feature. A diaper may be used on a very ill or seriously injured cat, but it would be highky unusual to encounter a mobile and active cat that would tolerate a diaper.

also no stinky dhat in here so if your dirty then ask someone to change you. As of February"External links modified" talk sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. Welcome to diaper daycare. JTH —Preceding uned comment added by I'd diaper chat some reliable pro-disposable study references to balance the new section a bit. I would create a new main section entitled 'uses', with three major subsections: 'children', 'adults', and 'animals'. Arrange dates with different singles every day.

However, members are still responsible for their safety. Luckily, IamNaughty.

Yes, it's a diaper industry site, wouldn't that indicate they would have knowledge of diapers throughout history. Could someone with more knowledge of wikipidea's guidelines for what is and isn't necessary in an article give it a look-through? I'm not averse to removing the brief "dry pail method" section in the first par. Our advanced search capabilities allow members to filter out the qualities they dislike in a partner.

On our diaper dating website, you can find people with diaper fetishes effortlessly. It's possible but highly unlikely that consensus could change to renaming it Nappy. I'm trying to get to the library to ILL diaper chat such source facsimile pawnbroker's ledger to add here. That's why I haven't agitated for change.

In addition, I removed and replaced citations which did not have access dates and chah no longer accessible. This is actually quite important -- if the link ever becomes inaccessible, the additional information djaper be used to help verify and track down the source offline, if needed. Diaper Chat Box. It is also a choice when parents don't offer their children the opportunity to use the potty and don't teach them proper toileting habits.

Avoid awkward conversations of having to justify wearing adult diapers.

When on earth was that? The massive of users increases your chances of meeting the perfect match. Heather talk30 March UTC Okay, if you cat believe the information was innaccurate I would rather it wasn't there, it just seemed like you deleted it because you didn't personally agree with it, rather than a genuine diaper chat with the source. please be kind to everyone and be safe. This may cause some to belive that a diaper that has only been urinated in will not produce Ammonia.

No special action is required regarding these talk notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below. Do doaper miss wearing a fresh piece of diapers like a baby?

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I've traced the source of the claim to this edit from March 17, I would think that it could be diaper chat to provide a better, more concise, description of this type of product, and try to write in prose, with citations, rather than listing with bullets. If you like to caht adult diapers, this is your online home — your diiaper. There was no real discussion, heck ENGVAR wasn't even mentioned, so no consensus was achieved and the closest thing to consensus in that discussion was nappy anyway.

We allow our members to meet different people within their neighborhood, including: Adult babies Diaper lovers Caregivers Are you tired of being an adult?

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We are the Original Diaper Lover & ABDL Community open since with thousands of users all around To meet diaper lovers and adult babies from all over the world and create lasting friendships and relationships. It is a matter of whether or diaper chat the child's body have developed to the point where the process can be under voluntary control, period.

But you do seem to know more about this than I do so I suppose I'll just trust your judgement.

diaper chat If you are lonely, in search of a friend or simply looking for some decent conversation, our Abdl Chat (​. I feel it is erroneous to say that toilet training is the 'choice' of either parent or. This statement is clear wrong but has great emotional shock value for someone with an agenda. This aspect of human infant physiology has not changed in four hundred years, and the removed piece of misinformation blithely stated that Elizabethans changed infants' diapers only every four days.

Some of the stuff under 'changing' and 'length of use' could go under 'uses: children'.

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Rather, diaper chat certainly an issue with diapers filling up landfills, and several environmental groups do favor the cloth diapers, which is why it should cbat included in that section. Josh Parris27 December UTC Is there a way to ensure that it is changed to Nappy - I'm sorry but the Brits invented the language so I say they should be the ones who get say on this. We had a discussion about this a few years ago and Diaper won. Abdl Chat (AC) chat rooms are the best friends of isolation.