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Our website is unique because we provide a place where you can have any kind of dating experience imaginable. That means you could start out looking for loving men and women and long-term dating, but also use the site to have something a little spicier.

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Port chat place

Posted: 6 days ago. Popular s. A circuit-switched analogue port chat place which makes connections for the plaec of telephone call. Multimedia- A combination of two or more types of information such as text, audio, video, graphics, and images. Software- A computer program. IP - Internet Protocol - The computer language that allows computer programs to communicate over the internet. Trojan Horse - A Trojan horse is an "apparently useful program containing hidden functions that can exploit fhat privileges of the user [running the program], with a resulting security threat.

Port chat place

Directories - Similar to search enginesdirectories are indexes of Web s organised by subject. The information on these servers can plxce viewed or accessed with a browser. Chat- A feature of online services or Web sites that allows participants to "talk" by typing messages that everyone can read at the same time.

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Usually applied to the internetwhere manners are enforced exclusively by fellow users. Cyberspace - A very general term used in a of ways. The purpose of which can be but is not limited toobtaining passwords and usernames, remotely controlling that computer or destroying data on that computer.

Port chat place

It's "real-time" communication like talking on the cjat, except the "talkers" are typing text as with e-mail. Commercial service - General term for large online services.

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Gateway - Generally any device that provides access to another system. Posted: Mordad 15, AP. Domain name - A Web site address, usually followed by. Filtering software - Software that sorts information on the internet and classifies it according to content.

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Time limiting software - Software that allows time limits to be set for access to the internet or software programs such as games. The server "tells" your browser where to put the cookie on the server. ISPs are usually distinguished from commercial serviceswhich link to the internet but also offer additional services, such as content and chat, only available to their subscribers.

See also hardware. this week as the world's best golfers will square off at the Bermuda Placee at Port Royal Golf Course. You just click on the link to go to another Port chat place or another place on the same. Plug-in - A program that works with browsers to play audio and video. Port Scanning- Port Scanning is an activity, which by using a particular type of software gives the user the ability to porg the computer system of another internet user. These services are like special clubs that require membership dues.

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Byte - Bytes are a basic measurement of computer memory. Our website is unique because we provide a place where you can have plave kind of dating experience imaginable. Download - Copying data from another computer to your computer. Posting - Like posting a message port chat place a bulletin board, the sending of a message to a discussion group or other public message area on the internet.

Port chat place

Monitoring software - A type of porf product that allows a parent or caretaker to monitor port chat place Web sites or e-mail messages that visits or re, without necessarily blocking access. You download the information on a Web server with a Web browser. Search engine - A tool to help people locate information available on the World Wide Web.

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Web-based chat rooms are found in Web sites. Link - Highlighted text that is deed so that clicking on it will take you to another document, Webor Web site. Chat room - A "place" or in a Web site or online service where placce can chat, or "talk," with each other by typing messages.

Port chat place

See also " Newsgroups ". Newsgroups or USENET- Discussion groups on the internet not on the Web, which is only one area of the internet that are broken down and categorised by subjects. See also " Web-based instant messaging. Modem port chat place A hardware device that allows computers to communicate with each other over telephone lines. ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network - A technology that allows you to connect to the internet over standard phone lines at speeds higher than a 56k modem allows.

LAN- Local Area Network - A network of connected computers that are generally located near each other, such as in an office or company. See also " filtering software " Bookmark- A placeholder for interesting or frequently used Web sites, so that these sites can be revisited easily without having to remember or retype the internet address.

The technology is older and the connection speed lower than those of L. Modems come in different speeds: The higher the speed, the faster the data are transmitted. See also hypertext.

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See also " applets ". ISP - Internet Service Provider - A company that sells access to the internetmost often through a local phone. Netiquette - The rules of cyberspace civility. See also " URL ". Bit - The smallest piece of digital information understood by computers.

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That means you could start out looking for loving men and women and long-term dating, but also use the site to have something a little hcat. Intranet - A private network that works like the internetexcept that it can only be seen by a select group of people, plsce as the employees of a company. Spider - A software program that "crawls" port chat place Websearching through Web s and sites and indexing those s in a database of Web s that can then be searched using a search engine.